Meet The Team

Melissa Fenton

Animal Care Assistant

Melissa joined our team in January 2015.  Melissa brings lots of experience to Dean Veterinary Hospital.  Melissa has been working in the veterinary industry for the past 10 years.   Melissa is particularly good with birds and pocket pets;  Melissa has her own Macaw named Oscar.  Melissa also has a lovely whippet whose name is Petrie.  Melissa loves to do lots of outdoor activities and Petrie is the perfect companion.

Sabrina Giordano

Kennel Attendant

Sabrina has been volunteering at our hospital since September 2015 and is now also working part-time for Dean Veterinary Hospital (DVH).   Sabrina started off with us doing general hospital duties including cleaning and now she helps with general animal care and assists the team with in-hospital patients.  Sabrina is keen to learn new things and her volunteer hours have allowed her to see many interesting cases.  Sabrina hopes one day to be a veterinarian herself.  Sabrina has 2 pet rabbits Rosie and Bella.  We love to have Sabrina help us out and all the animals at DVH love Sabrina.

Beatriz Beyer

Beatriz is currently attending Emily Carr.  Beatriz completed her co-op at our hospital as a voluntary animal care attendant.  Beatriz hopes with all her volunteer experience will help her to become a great veterinarian one day.  She has been working with horses for the past 9 years and now has much more experience with small animals with her volunteer experience at Dean Veterinary Hospital.  Beatriz now works for us on a part-time basis in her "spare time".


Ginger Hodgkinson


Ginger has been a professional groomer for over 15 years.  She has an abundance of experience with many dog breeds.  Ginger brings her professional grooming team with her  and operates her grooming services in the grooming facility.   Grooming is an additional service we are pleased Ginger can offer to our valued clients.  Ginger can be reached at (905)893-1007.

Stephanie Chiste

Animal Care Assistant

Stephanie joined our team in January 2018.  Stephanie has a degree in Environmental Sustainability and is now pursuing a career as a Veterinary Technician.

Clarissa Buttaruzzi

Kennel Attendant/Client Service Representative

Clarissa has been volunteering at our hospital now for a number of years.  Clarissa's responsibilities at our hospital include general hospital maintenance, receiving clients and assisting clients with their pets and assisting other Team members at our hospital.  Clarissa also volunteers at Reptilia.  In her spare time Clarissa loves to draw and paint:  Clarissa's drawings are often on display at our hospital.